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Innovative Lawn & Landscape addresses complex drainage issues across Connecticut, from French drains to dry wells and riprap channels. Our team expertly manages water on your property, ensuring resilience and protection against water damage. Tailored to meet the unique requirements of each landscape, our services stand out for their effectiveness and durability. Trust us to deliver solutions that keep your grounds dry and secure, using only the best materials in the industry.

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Choosing Innovative Lawn & Landscape means opting for excellence. With a decade of experience, we are dedicated to quality and customer satisfaction. Our commitment is reinforced by our 100% satisfaction guarantee and investment in the latest technology and equipment, ensuring efficient and safe project completion. We are set apart by our forward-thinking approach and dedication to innovation in every project.

NDS Certified Drainage Solutions

A Commitment to Quality

Our NDS certification is a testament to our commitment to the highest standards of drainage solutions. This prestigious certification signifies our expertise in the latest water management practices and technologies, ensuring that every project we undertake meets rigorous industry benchmarks. The NDS certification is more than a credential; it’s a reflection of our dedication to providing the best possible service and outcomes for our clients. With this specialized knowledge, we design and implement effective, sustainable water management systems tailored to the specific needs of your property.

CT Drainage Services

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Don’t let water management issues compromise the beauty and integrity of your property. Contact Innovative Lawn & Landscape to discover how our comprehensive drainage solutions and NDS-certified expertise can protect your landscape. With our dedicated team and advanced technology, we’re ready to tackle your water management challenges.